India sends onions to Bangladesh during Ramadan

Onion is coming to Bangladesh by train from India on Sunday night. These onions will be given to the distributors starting tomorrow, Monday. Out of the 50,000 tons of onions that India has promised to Bangladesh, the first shipment of 1,650 tons of onions is coming. Commerce State Minister Ahsanul Islam gave this information at the secretariat this afternoon. Earlier, he participated in the ‘Commodity Price and Market Situation Review Task Force’ meeting.

The Minister of State for Commerce said that these onions will be sold in Dhaka and Chittagong at Tk 40 per kg through TCB. The Minister of State for Commerce claimed that the prices of most products on the market have decreased since the beginning of fasting. Ahsanul Islam said all products are well stocked. Therefore, it is assumed that market conditions will remain normal. Onions are currently being sold at Tk 60 to Tk 65 per kg in the retail market.

In response to the question of why only in Dhaka and Chittagong can people from other areas of the country eat this onion at Tk 40 per kg, Ahsanul Islam said that if it is sold at Tk 40 per kg in Dhaka and Chittagong, it will affect the whole country.

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