Karan Johar shares on his challenging phase being a single parent to his children

Filmmaker Karan Johar who is a single parent to his twins, Yash and Roohi often discusses on his challenges in parenting the two.

Karan during an interview shared, “It is a modern family. It is an unusual circumstance, so now I am also dealing with the questions about ‘whose stomach was I born in? But mumma is not mumma really, she is my grandmother’. I am going to school, to the counsellor, to ask how do we navigate the situation? And it is not easy, being a parent is never easy.”

Further he added about his parenting challenges by saying, “When I see my son consuming sugar and I see he has put on more weight, then I am so paranoid for him. I don’t want to say it to him because this is the age where I want to live his life, I want him to be happy and joyous because he is a happy child.”

He continued, “Do all the things that I didn’t do. But I shouldn’t be this parent. I want my kid to be an individual of his own choice, my daughter and my son both.”

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