Landslides in the mountains during the day, closed the traffic

A section of” National Highway No. 10 in Sikkim and Kalimpong has become dangerous again due to overnight rain. Rocks started falling from the hills in the Likuvir area of the National Highway on Thursday morning. Although the collapse did not occur, traffic was disrupted. The police and administration made a detour in the morning. The cleaning work started by increasing the vigilance on a part of the road. Attempts were made to reopen the road after 6 p.m. Liquor starts driving in one direction. But as soon as the rain started again, the road was closed again due to falling stones.

But if there is such a situation with little rain, what will happen in the monsoon season has spread in the administrative circles as well. Kalimpong District Magistrate Bala Subramanian T said, “Vehicle traffic has been stopped as the road is partly dangerous. It will be looked into when the rain stops. After that, new guidelines will be issued as needed. For the time being, the car will continue on the roundabout. According to administration sources, traffic was stopped by the Kalimpong district police as soon as the news of the stone fall came in the morning. In particular, earlier, there were also incidents of stones falling on vehicles on National Highway No. 10. Keeping that in mind, vehicles going from Siliguri to Kalimpong and Gangtok were diverted through Lava-Garubathan. Traffic instructions were issued in the same direction as in the opposite direction.

Several areas of this national highway were submerged in the river in the Teesta flood last October. MP Raju Bista met Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari and said that the responsibility of roads should be handed over to the central agency. Later, it happened. The road opens slowly in the face of Puja. In areas like Liquvir, the road begins by cutting rocks. But as soon as the rain came down, there was concern in all quarters about the road. The tourist community is worried about what will happen, especially during the summer season.

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