Mahiya Mahir gave a gift of 35 lakh rupees to her one year old son on his birthday

Bangladeshi actress Mahia Mahi has been in the spotlight for the past few months due to her personal life. Recently, the actress announced her separation from her husband, Rakib Sarkar. Her son, Mosaib Arash Shamsuddin Farish, completed one year in between. Mother Mahi gave a gift of about 35 lakh rupees to little Farish. On the occasion of his birthday, her friends from the industry congratulated Mahi’s son. Mahi’s journey as a mother is also wished for by many.

But at the end of the day, Mahi gave an unprecedented gift to her son. The actress gifted a red car to the boy. Not a toy car, but a real car. Posting the video of the moment of gifting the car to her son, Mahi wrote, “My moon is very happy to receive the gift.” In the picture and video, the mother and son are seen smiling. The price of this car is around 35 lakhs. But Mahi is not the only one; her husband, Rakib Sarkar, also came to the actress’ Uttara house on her son’s birthday.

The actress told a media outlet in Bangladesh that Farish’s father brought her a gold chain, a small car, and Punjabi. Mahi said, “Raqib cut the cake first with Farish on the evening of March 28. After that, our family members cut the cake together. Rakib has spent a lot of time with Farish.

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