Mandira Bedi recalls miserable experience hosting cricket World Cup in 2003

Actress Mandira Bedi who has been into hosting field as well, recently shared her initial days experience hosting the cricket World Cup in 2003.

Mandira Bedi recalled saying, “It was not easy, because they had never had a woman sitting on the panel. So, the legends sitting on the left and the right, they weren’t particularly excited about having a woman on the panel. I would ask a question, some of my questions were really silly, irrelevant, stupid, but my brief was, ‘You ask the questions that come to your mind. Whatever you have in your mind, it’s not off the table, go ahead and ask’. So, if I have those questions in my mind, then somebody at home has got similar questions in their mind. I am not supposed to represent the purist, I am supposed to represent the common person.”

The actress also shared, as she had no knowledge of what type of questions she had to ask, first few weeks were miserable for her. Nobody landed her support at that time, she cried everyday on getting ignored.

Further, she added “Tiger Pataudi once visited their studio and he said, You are the Mandira Bedi everyone is talking about?”

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