Mimi Chakraborty on the first Baisakh, what was eaten at noon?

She always celebrates any festival in Bengal with great heart. Any puja or celebration is there. The birthday of the sages or the festival of other religions, Mimi Chakraborty, can be found there. 1431, the Bengali New Year, is no different. I got up early on Sunday and took a bath. Embracing yourself in a queen-colored salwar kameez is like a newly blooming lotus flower. The hair is still dripping with water. She is in the Thakurghar with the plate of puja.

Incense, lamps, small bells, and flowers are arranged on a plate. Lakshmi-Ganesha was placed on a white stone throne in the god’s room. She worshiped them today with devotion. Her pet is walking around the feet of the heroine. At the end of the puja, she took him in her lap and bowed to the elders in the new year. Much love to the little ones. She also wished everyone a good year. Besides, she was also busy promoting the film that day.

‘Alap’ is releasing on April 26. This is her second film with Abir Chatterjee. On this day, the heroine had dinner with the hero in a first-class hotel. All Bengali Khana were arranged in front. Start with polao, white rice, and luchi. Fish, meat, sweets, and finally, yogurt Who sees Mimi’s happiness? Aindrila Sen, Jesus-Neelanjana Sengupta, Swastika Dutta, and others congratulated Mimi on social media.

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