Quarrel over pet dog, injured admitted to hospital

One neighbor’s pet dog sat in front of another neighbor’s door. The quarrel started here. People started gathering around the quarrel of two neighbors. Gradually, it reached the stage of fighting. Supporting the two neighbors, the locals started hitting each other with sticks and pelting stones. Six people were injured in the attack from both sides. They have been admitted to the hospital. The incident took place on Friday in Manikpur village in Bihar’s Gopalganj district. A complaint has been filed against two neighbors named Sunny Bharti and Amarendra Giri at the police station.

According to police sources, Amarendra’s pet dog suddenly fell down in front of the door of Sunny’s house on Friday. Allegedly, Sunny got angry at the incident and raised his hand at the dog. Amarendra claimed that Sunny became more agitated when Amarendra tried to settle the matter by talking about it. As the grumbles gradually escalated into fistfights, people gathered. They also allegedly started beating each other with sticks.

Sunny claimed that Amarendra was in a drunken state. Amarendra also made ugly comments toward him. Sunny’s further complaint is that Amarendra raised his hand at Sunny during the conversation. After that, turmoil began to build. The Bihar Police has started an investigation into this incident.

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