Water, oxygen are being given inside the ruins of Gardenreach

Six people are still trapped inside the multi-story rubble of Gardenreach. This has been reported by the disaster management team. However, one of those six people is getting a response. The rescuers are not getting any response from the rest. As a result, it is not clear what condition they are in. The death toll is not being ruled out. The people of the area are living in fear. No one else is responding.” The fire department informed us that 85 percent of the rescue work has been done. In the Ghinji area, the multi-story building has collapsed in such a way that rescue is taking time.

Around 12 o’clock on Sunday night, the under-construction multi-story building of Ward No. 134 of Gardenrich collapsed on the neighboring shanty. Several tile-covered rice houses collapsed. The Mayor of Kolkata and the Minister of Public Works and Urban Development, Firhad Hakim, arrived there at night. Fire Minister Sujit Basu also went to the spot. They were in the area all night. Rescue work is in full swing. Firhad said in the morning that one person has been arrested in the incident.

Firhad said in the morning that there were 21 people where the house collapsed. 13 people have been rescued. Two deaths have been reported so far. He also said that water and oxygen are being given to those who are trapped. Seven people were admitted to local hospitals. One of them has been released. Apart from this, one person is admitted to SSKM Hospital.

After visiting the spot, Mamata said, “I heard that one person’s leg was stuck.” But he is alive. He will be rescued. Apart from this, some people are still stuck. Our team worked through the night. Local residents also worked with the police, minister, and mayor. I am shocked by this incident.” After leaving the hospital, she said that the condition of those undergoing treatment was stable.

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