Recently India ranks 2nd on Democracy Index

Recently India ranked second on Democracy Index released by Voronoi. Actually around 77% Indian people were satisfied with the way democracy is working in the country, according to the index. In fact Singapore has been ranked first, followed by Sweden (3rd), Thailand, Australia, Netherlands, Philippines, Germany, Canada, Malaysia, Mexico, Hungary and Brazil. This is actually very good news as today India is very successful democracy country and Indian people are living a good life.

Today India is very big country and has lots of importance in whole world. As we know today in every corner of the world war and tension is going on. For this reason people want a good and peaceful life. In fact India is saying everyone that it is not the time for war and we should live happily. Actually today many countries have democracy and people on that country are happy with it. In reality India is big democracy and people of India support it fully.

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