Sharmin Segal breaks silence on trolling for Heeramandi performance

Actress Sharmin Segal had been facing cyber bullying due to her performance in the web series directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and later again she was slammed for her rude behaviour during promotions towards her co-stars of ‘Heeramandi:The Diamond Bazaar’.

The actress has recently reacted to the trollings, she said, “I had given my all to Alamzeb’s character. We tend to fixate on the negatives but there are so many positives that have also come along, which we don’t talk about. It’s perhaps not interesting enough to talk about positives and we tend to look over them to some degree. There was a point when I was not looking at many things [reviews] but then slowly, I realised that I was also missing out on a lot of love that I was getting. I’ve now started paying attention to that. Over the last few days, I decided to look through it all.”

The actress further said, “I saw positivity, constructive criticism, and a whole range of feedback and that’s what happens when you put yourself out there as an artist or an actor. It was actually quite nice to hear all sides of things. It’s an inevitability. Opinions shape you as an actor and a human being. These are actual humans responding to you and it makes you realise how many people you can reach. These opinions are very important.”

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