Urfi’s picture is viral on social media, what happened to Urfi?

Urfi Javed means something new. She is good at breaking the table. She always surprised everyone by wearing rich clothes. Ready to change clothes. But Urfi’s appearance has changed this time. On Monday, she herself shared some pictures of herself from her Instagram profile, where her eyes, face, and lips are red. What is the reason for her sudden situation?

Bollywood actresses sometimes undergo eye-lip-nose surgery to get the perfect look. Many people use botox or fillers for smooth and tight skin. In many cases, this artificial beautification is successful. And in many cases, it also brings the opposite result. However, Urfi did not undergo botox or fillers.

She said that her appearance is due to allergies. Urfi said, “I have terrible allergies. I often wake up with this look for a couple of days. I am also undergoing immunotherapy for this. After that, if you see my face swollen, then you will understand that I have allergies. I have been doing these natural fillers and botox for the last 18 years. Nothing else had to be done except that. So if my face is puffy from now on, please don’t suggest any more fillers. This much compassion will do.”

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