Spices inspecting MDH, Everest plants; Efforts are ongoing to improve overall

Data shared by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry on Monday showed that the maximum residue level (MRL) for EtO in Singapore was 50 mg/kg, while in the EU it was 0.02 to 0.01 mg/kg and in Japan it was 0.01.
The Spices Board of India is carrying out inspections at several MDH and Everest processing plants in the country to ensure that spice exports meet the requirements of the respective export destination, senior government officials said on Monday, adding that they have also suggested corrective action such as the use of steam sterilization, Also added actions. The focus is on technology and tracking of the food supply chain to prevent future rejections.
This comes after Hong Kong on April 5 asked its citizens not to consume four products from Indian manufacturers MDH and Everest Food Products, citing the presence of pesticide, ethylene oxide (ETO). Later on 18 April, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) ordered a recall of Everest’s Fish Curry Masala, saying that it contained levels of ethylene oxide “not suitable for human consumption”.

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