Taha Shah held Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s hand and pleaded for the role ‘Tajdar’ in Heeramandi

Taha Shah has become internet sensation after the release of Heeramandi who played the role of ‘Tajdar’. The actor shared how he begged one of the lead role in the web series.

Taha during an interview opened up saying, “I actually signed on for a three-day role. And that, too, I was chasing the audition for 15 months. My friend and I, we literally begged and pleaded the casting agent to consider us for any role, really.”

Taha continued saying, “Two weeks later, when I was on my way to sign the contract, I get a call saying, ‘We’re really sorry, but sir has decided to go another way with you, and you might not be getting this role’. I basically just held his hand and started pleading with him, and saying, ‘Sir, please don’t take me out of this role, it means the world to me. It’s the biggest opportunity of my life, if I did something wrong, forgive me’.

Fate had something else for Taha, Bhansali asked him to sit and breathe. Later, asked him to audition for another role that he had in his mind as ‘Tajdar’, Taha was auditioned multiple times.

Taha Shah explained how badly he wanted to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali and was ready for any type of role. During the time, Taha was also offered another projects but later he was asked to move out due to uncertainty, as he was kept awaited for weeks for the confirmation. He kept called the casting director and asked him to provide any small role if not ‘Tajdar’.

Taha added, “Luckily, three days later, I got a call saying that sir wants to meet you, come to set.”
And there’s where he begged the role as ‘Tajdar’ in Heeramandi.

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