Taking multivitamins on your own, there may be serious danger

At present, vitamin deficiency is seen in the bodies of more or less everyone, young and old. In particular, vitamin C, D, and B12 deficiencies are prominent. To make up for this deficiency, many take supplemental multivitamin drugs regularly. Many people start taking medicine without testing or a doctor’s advice. But do you know that it can damage your health? Taking unnecessary and excessive multivitamins can also lead to many diseases.According to doctors, multivitamins cannot replace nutrients obtained from food. If one wants to maintain the right amount of vitamins in the body, one should eat protein- and vitamin-rich foods. It’s not that just taking a multivitamin without eating nutritious foods will keep you healthy. They should not be consumed without a doctor’s advice.

Should one take a multivitamin every day? 
According to eminent doctors, the need to take multivitamins depends on the vitamin deficiency in the body. If you experience bone pain, muscle pain, insomnia, lethargy, and weakness, then it is a sign of vitamin B12 and vitamin D deficiency in the body. If these symptoms occur, do a vitamin test before taking a multivitamin.

Consult a doctor if a vitamin deficiency occurs. If the doctor prescribes a multivitamin, Do not take vitamin doses on your own. Take the prescribed dose as prescribed by the doctor. Taking too many multivitamins can cause problems.

Side effects of multivitamin overdose
According to experts, an overdose of multivitamins affects both the kidneys and liver. This increases the risk of kidney failure and many liver-related diseases.

Take them instead of multivitamins.
According to eminent doctors, if you think that your body is deficient in vitamins, then improve your diet. Include cheese, milk, curd, pulses, green vegetables, and eggs in the diet. These foods contain vitamin D, vitamin B12, and many other vitamins. Eating them reduces the risk of vitamin deficiency in the body.

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