Upstox launches ‘Cut the Kit Kit’ campaign to navigate investment complexity

Upstox has launched a groundbreaking campaign titled ‘Cut the Kit Kit, Get in the Market’. This initiative aims to revolutionize the way retail investors approach their investment decisions by cutting through market noise and providing invaluable guidance.Recognizing the challenges faced by investors, including misinformation and information overload, Upstox seeks to empower users to make informed choices. The campaign, conceptualized in collaboration with Lowe Lintas, showcases Upstox’s commitment to simplifying the investment process.

The campaign’s focal point is a series of engaging films illustrating the chaos of market noise symbolized by the term “kit kit”. These films depict scenarios where individuals are inundated with conflicting advice until they find clarity through Upstox’s user-friendly platform.

Kavitha Subramanian, Co-Founder of Upstox, expressed the company’s dedication to providing accessible information and tools for smart investing across various asset classes. The campaign emphasizes Upstox’s platform features, such as curated mutual funds, goal-based investing, and informed stock choices.Through collaborations with JioCinema and Star for the IPL, Upstox aims to reach a wide audience across digital, TV, and social media platforms. With over 1.3 crore customers, Upstox continues to innovate, offering tailored modes for both novice investors and advanced traders.

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