Victims Welfare Association of Financial Fraud Exposes Criminal Intimidation Techniques against QNET India via Court Order

In a major ruling on April 2nd, 2024, Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Pvt. Ltd, the exclusive franchise of QNET in India, secured a crucial court order from the City Civil & Sessions Court of Bangalore. The order effectively puts a stop to the smear campaign orchestrated by the FINANCIAL FRAUD’S VICTIMS WELFAREASSOCIATION and its members Gurupreet Singh Inderjeet Singh Anand, Phanidra, Anuja Kotecha and Surendra Mukaitra against QNET’s operations in India.

The court’s interim order prohibits the Association and its members from making false statements about QNET’s business activities, organizing press conferences, or disseminating defamatory content to damage Vihaan’s reputation. For over a decade, defendants have used criminal intimidation and baseless allegations to undermine QNET and Vihaan’s credibility, using social media campaigns and public demonstrations to damage the QNET brand and Vihaan’s employees’ professionalism.

The court deemed the defendants’ actions as blatant blackmail and emphasized that freedom of speech does not extend to defamatory statements against legitimate businesses operating within the law. “The words expressed by the defendants are extreme, and shocking. Which is clear cut case of blackmailing the company, which is working by registering under the provisions of the law of this court. In fact, the defendants on the guise that they have a right to speak cannot make such a defamatory derogatory statements against anybody, never-the-less against the plaintiff company”, observed the court.

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