Victims Welfare Association of Financial Fraud Exposes Criminal Intimidation Techniques against QNET India via Court Order

Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Pvt. Ltd, the esteemed franchise of QNET in India, has emerged victorious in halting a relentless smear campaign orchestrated by the Financial Fraud’s Victims Welfare Association. The City Civil & Sessions Court of Bangalore issued a decisive order on April 2nd, 2024, restraining the Association and its affiliates from spreading false and derogatory statements concerning QNET’s operations.

The court’s interim injunction prohibits the dissemination of baseless allegations and prohibits the organization of press conferences aimed at tarnishing Vihaan’s reputation. This ruling comes in response to years of unfounded accusations and intimidation tactics employed by the defendants, including social media blitzes and public demonstrations.

The court categorically condemned the defendants’ actions as blatant blackmail, emphasizing that freedom of speech does not justify defamatory attacks against law-abiding businesses. Despite attempts by the Association to disrupt QNET’s supply chain, investigations confirm uninterrupted operations, reaffirming the legitimacy of Vihaan’s business practices.

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