What did America say about Kejri’s arrest?

America again commented on the arrest of Arvind Kejriwal. On Wednesday, India’s Ministry of External Affairs summoned a top diplomat of the country who was “unsatisfied” with the comments of the US State Department. However, even after that, the Joe Biden administration remained steadfast in its statement. This time they not only commented on the arrest of the Chief Minister of Delhi but also added the subject of the bank account of the opposition Congress being ‘frozen’.

Foreign Office spokesman Matthew Miller was questioned about the summoning of the US diplomat by the State Department on Wednesday. Speaking in that context, he once again brought up his old statement about Kejriwal’s arrest. He said, “America demands a transparent and free legal process in this case.” The spokesperson was then asked about the Congress bank account being ‘frozen’.

In response, he said, “We are also aware of the allegations made by the Congress against the Income Tax Department of freezing several of their bank accounts. The Congress claims that this will make it difficult for them to campaign for the upcoming elections.” However, the spokesperson for the US State Department did not want to comment on diplomatic matters. He said they will always encourage transparent and time-bound legal processes.

Recently, the US State Department said that they are monitoring Kejriwal’s arrest. At the same time, Washington appealed to New Delhi for a ‘clear, free legal process’ in the case of the Chief Minister of Delhi. Soon after, Gloria Barbena, acting assistant chief of the US Embassy in India, was summoned on Wednesday. A statement issued by the State Department condemned the comments made by the US State Department spokesperson on India’s legal process. “Diplomacy expects countries to respect the sovereignty and internal integrity of other countries,” the statement said. Otherwise, a bad precedent will be set.”

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