Why is Lily Chakraborty not seen in ‘Neem Phuler Madhu’ serial?

Viewers are sad not to see that sweet grandmother. Where did Lily Chakraborty go? This is the question that was on the mind of the audience. It is known that Lily Chakraborty is very ill. The veteran actress is suffering from asthma. She was admitted to the hospital for the last 12 days with breathing problems. Even at 82 years of age, Lily is still acting with power. Soumitra Chatterjee paired up with Amitabh Bachchan in ‘Poppy’. She found joy in work. She was recently working on the serial ‘Neem Phule Madhu’. The TRP of this serial is quite good. And the audience loved Lily’s character.

Lilly also fell ill during the Corona period. Then she recovered and joined work. She has asthma and COPD problems. She was admitted to the hospital earlier. Lily was diagnosed with pneumonia, her family said. An infection was found in the lungs. Seeing her condition in its early stages, the doctors wanted to do a bronchoscopy. Later, however, she was no longer needed.

She is the golden-era actress of Bengal. She spoke with everyone, from Bhanu Banerjee to Uttam Kumar and Soumitra Chatterjee. The first stage performance from Star Theater. Rathi has worked with greats like Biswas, Tulsi Chakraborty, Sukhen Das, Vasant Chowdhury, and Savitri Chattopadhyay. Lily once said in an interview that the theater neighborhood and the studio are her home. Her joy is at work. Lily Chakraborty wants to recover soon and, therefore, return.

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