What did you apologize to the Pakistani heroine?

Free movement of Pakistani artists to India has been restricted for several years. Restrictions have been imposed on working in shows or movies. All for diplomatic reasons. Three years ago, Arijit raised his voice for Pakistani artists at an event in the united Amirshahi. But this time he had to apologize to a Pakistani actress

Arijit went to his concert in Dubai. Mahira Khan came to listen to the singer’s music there. The Pakistani actress acted in ‘Raees’ opposite Shahrukh Khan in India. The film also has a song in Arijit’s voice, ‘Jalima’. Which is very popular. The actress was sitting on the VIP seat next to Arijit’s stage. Arijit did not recognize him when he saw him for the first time. After realizing it, Arijit introduced Mahira to the audience. Besides, he apologized for not recognizing him at first sight.

Arijit suddenly stopped singing and said, “You might be surprised to hear this. Well, I am presenting it in a slightly different way. Is there a camera there? I was trying to get to know him for a long time. Then I remembered, ‘Oh, for him, I am.’ I sang the song ‘Zalima’.” Mahira was sitting in a black dress. Hearing the singer’s words, he had a smile on his face. At the end, Arijit said, “Mahira Khan is sitting in front of me. Mahira herself was singing the song ‘Jalima’ and was standing there. But, I didn’t recognize her. I’m so sorry ma’am.”

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