COCOMI urges immediate government action amidst Manipur crisis

The Coalition of Civil Society Organisations of Manipur (COCOMI) has issued a fervent plea to the Indian government, urging swift intervention to address the prolonged crisis gripping Manipur. Describing the situation as one of the most unfortunate events in independent India’s history, COCOMI highlighted the severity of the crisis and criticized what it perceives as governmental neglect.

Over the past 14 months, Manipur has faced escalating turmoil, exacerbated by what COCOMI termed as a critical absence of state authority. The coalition lamented the government’s alleged failure to effectively confront challenges posed by what it described as “Chin-Kuki Narco-terrorists” operating in collusion with armed Kuki militants.

A particular point of contention arose from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent statement in the Rajya Sabha, which COCOMI criticized for oversimplifying the crisis as a communal or ethnic conflict. The coalition emphasized that such a characterization undermines the multifaceted nature of the issues at hand, including a security vacuum that has led to escalating tensions.

COCOMI’s spokesperson, Thokchom, highlighted growing concerns among intellectuals that the Manipur crisis is being manipulated to serve broader national interests, potentially influencing strategic dynamics in neighboring Myanmar’s civil unrest. The coalition called for transparency and genuine efforts from the government to address root causes rather than superficially managing symptoms.

The coalition concluded its statement with a series of demands directed at the government, including a comprehensive assessment of the situation communicated transparently to the public and international community. COCOMI also urged immediate deployment of central security forces to protect civilians, financial compensation for affected citizens, and measures to rebuild trust and confidence among Manipur’s populace.

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