Toyota Kirloskar Motor further accelerate ‘Green Wave Project’commemorating this year’s environment month

Towards its commitment to environmental sustainability, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) further accelerates the ‘Green Wave Project’ commemorating this year’s environment month. Aimed at enhancing its nature conservation activity in the community, TKM distributed saplings to its employees, under its sixth challenge namely ‘Establishing a Future Society in Harmony with Nature’, contributing towards the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050. Thiseco campaign continues to drive active community involvement to promote greenery, through employee engagement.

The company has distributed over 7,000 saplings to its employees, achieving its 8,000-sapling target. TKM employees are encouraged to plant and nurture the saplings in their neighborhoods, submitting periodic reports on growth. They are also actively involving their local communities in afforestation activities, promoting a greener environment. Mr. B. Padmanabha, Executive Vice President & Director of Manufacturing – Toyota Kirloskar Motor, said, “At Toyota Kirloskar Motor, we recognize that environmental and social sustainability are just as crucial as economic progression. Guided by Toyota’s Global Environmental Challenge 2050 (six challenges announced in 2015), our sustainability efforts are far reaching that go beyond product zero emissions.”

TKM’s commitment to sustainability and ecological restoration has yielded significant results, with a study revealing that the Miyawaki method excels in carbon sequestration, capturing an impressive 30.86 tons of carbon per acre, demonstrating its effectiveness in achieving ecological restoration.

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