Due to severe heat wave all schools closed in Delhi, Punjab

Recently due to severe heatwaves, the Delhi and Punjab governments have mandated early summer vacations for schools until June 30, 2024. In fact this decision aims to protect students from extreme temperatures but has caused disruptions in ongoing exams and school activities. Actually despite objections from educators, officials emphasize student health and safety as the primary concern. This is actually good news as student are getting early summer vacation because for their health and safety.

Actually schools are very important for any place and all school students should get correct education for better future. In fact today it becomes very difficult to predict weather and for this reason we need to be alert so that we don’t get any big trouble due to weather. If you see in India summer vacation are very important for student as in most part of India summer season are very hot and for every student taking care of health is very important. In reality this decision by the Delhi and Punjab governments is very good and student needs to care their health to study better.

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