Heavy rains effect flash floods in Afghanistan, killing 33 people 600 houses were either half or fully destroyed

Substantive flooding caused by seasonal rains in Afghanistan has killed at least 33 people and injured 27 others in three days, a Taliban spokesperson said on Sunday. Abdullah Janan Saik, Taliban spokesperson for the state’s Natural Disaster Management Ministry, said on Sunday that the flash floods had hit the capital Kabul and several other areas across the country.

He said more than 600 houses were either half or fully destroyed, while about 200 heads of an animal were killed. SAC said about 800 hectares of agricultural land and more than 85 kilometers of roads were damaged by the floods.

He said western Farah, Herat, southern Zabul, and Kandahar were among the areas most damaged. The Meteorological Department has alerted that further rain is anticipated in utmost of the 34 areas of Afghanistan in the coming days.

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