India-England T20 World Cup semi-final weather forecast

Today India will face England in their T20 World Cup 2024 semi-final .Actually the match will take place in Guyana’s Providence. As per the weather forecast, there could be rain showers in the morning with thunderstorms developing in the afternoon. In fact the chance of rain is 70%. In case the match gets washed out, India will reach the final. Right now people are waiting for the match between India and England as it is going to be very exciting.

Today cricket has become very fast sport and for this reason people watch it all over the world. As we know that in cricket world India has huge importance and for this reason Indian cricket team is considered very strong cricket team. In fact England is also very strong team and from very long time they are actually playing cricket. In reality today fans of Indian cricket team have lots of expectation from them and want India to reach the final in this T20 World Cup in all conditions.  

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