Skin diseases are more common during rainy season, get treatment if you see these symptoms

Monsoon rains have finally relieved the scorching heat. On the one hand, there is relief, but the incidence of many diseases increases during the monsoon. In particular, apart from mosquito-borne diseases, there is a risk of skin infections in monsoons. During rain, humidity increases in the environment, which causes various infections. Besides, wearing wet clothes for a long time or excessive sweating can also cause skin infections. As a result, the incidence of skin diseases increases during this period.

Feet stay wet for a long time during the monsoon. The result is a fungal infection. The skin on the feet is itchy and burning. Problems like blisters between toes and foot odor are also caused by fungal infections. For those who do sports, this problem occurs more frequently.

According to experts, fungal infections cause red and itchy patches on the skin. This infection can occur in any part of the body. It is also called a ring worm. This results in round spots on the skin, which grow slowly. This infection can also happen from person to person. Wearing wet and dirty clothes during the monsoon increases the risk of this infection. If it is not eradicated at the beginning, it will start in different parts of the body, and later, the cure will be too late.

A yeast infection is also a fungal infection. It usually occurs in the armpits, groin, and private parts of women. This infection spreads more due to the increase in humidity during the rainy season. Itching and burning at the site of infection.

How can I be saved?
1) Do not wear wet shoes.

2) Do not share hairbrushes, socks, or towels.

3) Wear clean socks every day.

4) Shampoo the hair well and dry it.

5) Wear loose clothing.

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