Very scary, Kangana stood next to Raveena

A surprising incident occurred on Saturday night on the streets of Mumbai. Actress Raveena Tandon’s car was stopped by three female pedestrians. They claim that the actress’s car hit them. The driver came out immediately. But they are unwilling to listen to anything. As soon as Raveena came out of the car in such a situation, they held Rudramurthy. Both parties are involved in a dispute. The passersby tried to beat the actress. Raveena was scared and went back. “Don’t push me; please don’t hit me,” Katar pleaded in a strained voice.

The incident took place near Rizvi College on Carter Road in Mumbai. The actress was wearing a white kurta and jeans, with no laces. Although she made the complaint, she was in a drunken state. A woman’s ear bled after being hit by her car. After that, the situation became heated. As soon as Raveena got out of the car, the locals attacked her. They even raised hands with Raveena.

The actress kept asking people not to kill her as she was surrounded by people. At that time, several people began to video the entire incident on their phones. Khar police station was nearby. There, the three women filed a complaint against the actress.

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