What information did the World Health Organization leak about Novo Nordisk and Ozempic drugs?

According to a recent study, fake versions of some popular medicines have flooded the market. Common people are buying it, eating it, and cheating. They may be relieving the disease, but those fake medicines are affecting the body in many ways. The World Health Organization has recently issued a ban on this. And I requested everyone to check the composition of the medicine before use.

Novo Nordisk and Ozempic are the two most counterfeited drugs. In 2023, several counterfeit drugs from the semaglutide batch were detected in the UK and Brazil. In fact, the increased demand for drugs in this category is encouraging fake drug manufacturers. Claims survey.

The semaglutide batch of drugs is most commonly used for obesity and type 2 diabetes. This drug is very effective in controlling appetite and body glucose. This drug controls the release of insulin from the pancreas. Clinical studies have shown that this drug improves glycemic control.

How can you be aware of fake medicine?

  1. The lot number and serial number on the medicine should be checked.
  2. Check the details before using the Ozempic Pen. 
  3. If there is a spelling mistake in the medicine cartoon, then there is a mistake.

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