Bumrah’s world record in T20 World Cup

Bumrah made a world record in the first match of the T20 World Cup. He broke Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s record of 20 over international cricket. Bumrah set the world record for most maiden overs. So far, he has bowled a total of 11 maiden overs. Bhubaneswar has 10 maiden overs. This record is only among cricketers from test-playing countries.

After the match against Ireland, Bumrah also revealed the secret of success on the American pitch. In Wednesday’s match, he bowled 3 overs and took 2 wickets for 6 runs. He was also selected as the best cricketer of the match. How did you get such success after playing the first match on American soil? Bumrah said, “The ball was swinging. The pitch had good bounce and pace. A loud bowler has nothing to complain about in such an environment. In such a situation, you have to be active.

However, they cannot be predicted in advance.” He also said, “A bowler has to understand the character of the pitch. How to take advantage of the pitch has to be decided. It should be said like that. A bit of a problem when the ball stitches sit. But as a professional cricketer, one needs to be ready to bowl in all kinds of situations. I am happy to start the World Cup in this way.

Several cricketers expressed their displeasure with the New York pitch. The captain of the Indian team is also not very happy. Bumrah, however, is not thinking about all this. His goal is to bring success to the team by exploiting the situation.

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