Jimmy Mayengbam emerged victorious in 4th edition of National Poker Series India

Jimmy Mayengbam, holding a managerial position in one of Imphal’s leading hospital, emerged victorious in the NPS#3 (5-MAX) HYPER SPRINT 12L GTD (RE) tournament of the ongoing 4th edition of National Poker Series India, bags a Bronze medal . Jimmy’s dedication of balancing a day job and his passion for Poker that is layered with exemplary skill display and strategic prowess has made him one of the Poker players to look out for in the Indian Poker community. 

Jimmy, from Imphal, is dedicated to studying and practicing various poker styles and strategies. Despite his professional commitments, he dedicates time to honing his skills by increasing tournament participation to practice his hand in the mind sport.

Jimmy, a graduate of DPS Mathura and GIN Bangalore, has a strong academic background in analytical thinking and strategic planning. His success on the poker table is attributed to his analytical thinking and strategic planning. With increased focus, Jimmy aims to add more glory to Manipur’s state medal tally. On noticing the increased participation from Imphal, Jimmy also added, “The learning from Poker truly transcends from the Poker table and can easily be noticed in real life situations too.”

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