Spain lost to Italy in the last sixteen of the Euros

The result of the game was only 1-0. A goal, that too is suicide. Spain advanced to the next round after losing the group stage match against Italy. But their victory could have gone down in history. Italy could lose in the most embarrassing way in Euro history. Neither is for a single person. His name is Gianluigi Donnarumma. Italy goalkeeper.

Donnarumma was named ‘Player of the Tournament’ in the 2020 Euro Cup. A lot of time has passed since then. But for the performance he showed against Spain in the current Euro, he deserves separate credit. In one word, he stopped Spain alone. Under the goal is not the keeper, standing like a wall and saving one sure goal after another!

Spain could have won this match by at least half a dozen goals. But Donnarumma should be given full credit for not being able to do that. Had he not stood like a wall under the goal, Moratara could have easily ‘gifted’ Italy the most humiliating loss in Euro history. Donnarumma started the match by saving Pedri’s header early in the match. At the end of the match, he can be seen coming up to the opponent’s goal.

Spain practically did not let Italy stand for the whole 90 minutes. The suicide goal also happened as a result of their momentary attack. If not for that, it is certain that the match would have been a 0-0 draw. The only reason for that is Donnarumma. Spain did everything, except they couldn’t score because Italy had that ‘wall’.

Spain’s young Turks, such as William and Yamal, toyed with Italy’s defense. If Donnarumma had not been in Italy’s goal, the scoreline of this match would have gone down in history. Not once in the 90 minutes did Italy feel like a four-time World Cup winner.

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