Karan Singh Grover On His Divorces From Shraddha Nigam, Jennifer Winget: “It Happened For The Best”

Actor Karan Singh Grover is happily married to Bipasha Basu. However, in his latest interview, he took a time to talk about his two divorces.

The actor’s first marriage with Shraddha Nigam ended in 2008, after which, he married Jennifer Winget. The duo were only married for 10 months and had a difficult divorce. Karan now revealed why he never spoke about his previous marriages in the media. 

In an interview with the Bombay Times, the actor said that the divorces and breakups were so personal that he never felt it was important to talk about those decisions. KSG, as he is popularly called, said, “There’s nothing good about a breakup or a divorce. Yeah, later when people move on, they realize that it happened for the best. That’s a good thing. But I never felt the need to speak to anyone about the crap that’s happening in my life, because I don’t expect people to come and talk to me about the crap that’s happening in their life. That is not my main motive.” 

He further discussed about the importance of guarding one’s privacy. Karan highlighted that everyone is dealing with so much in their lives, and they can decide not to let the world know of their struggles. He added, “I would like to spread some love and joy. Everyone has their own st to deal with, and I think everyone deserves that kind of privacy to handle their own st.”

Karan married actress Bipasha Basu in April 2016. He appreciated her for bringing a whirlwind of positive changes to his life. The actor also said that it is due to Bipasha only he has got a new calling and become the best version of himself today. KSG explained, “All the heavy, all the negative, the lower vibration stuff just falls. I have another profession (painting) because of her. She helped me understand and connect with me. The real me. I know myself today because of her.”

The actor was recently seen in ‘Fighter’ movie alongside Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone in January this year. He garnered appreciation for his acting in the role of Sartaj Gill, a fighter pilot kidnapped and tortured by the Pakistani army. 

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