‘Brother Virat is by your side’, Rohit’s mother emotional post

The post of Rohit Sharma’s mother has gone viral on the net after winning the T20 World Cup. Purnima Sharma posted a picture of Virat Kohli with her son on Instagram and wrote, “My brother is by my side.” It should be noted that the friendship scene between Virat and Rohit has been captured several times in the recently concluded World Cup. After that, cricket lovers were impressed by the post about Hitman’s mother.

The Virat-Rohit relationship in the Indian team dressing room is not good at all. The two star cricketers have made two separate camps in the national team. Such rumors have been spreading in cricket circles for a long time. The news of the conflict between the two stars has also affected their fans. Rohit fans and Virat fans have clashed openly many times. It is even heard that the wives of the two stars are not on good terms at all.

However, when Virat Rohit entered the field, cricket lovers did not even get a hint of these rumors. Rather, as has been seen in the recently concluded T20 World Cup, Rohit is repeatedly standing next to Virat Kohli, who is off form. He even said that despite not getting a run in the entire tournament, Virat kept his best for the final. That is exactly what happened in reality. After 13 years, the Ro-Co pair celebrated the moment of world victory by hugging each other after winning the World Cup. Bid farewell to T20 cricket together.

After that, Purnima Sharma’s post went viral on Netdunya. Rohitjanani’s message shows that there is no hatred between the two stars; there is not even a little dispute. Poornima shared a picture on her Instagram where her daughter Samaira is seen sitting on Rohit Sharma’s shoulder. Virat stands next to him with the national flag. It is written there, “The girl is on the shoulder, the whole country is behind, and the brother is standing next to it.” Like cricket lovers who saw this post, how easily the India captain’s mother explained that there is nothing but brotherhood between the two stars. Someone is saying that Rohit’s mother has made Virat a part of the Sharma family through this post.

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