Manoj Bajpayee points out about increasing divorce in Bollywood

Actor Manoj Bajpayee during an interview discussed about too many divorces in recent society which is mostly blamed Bollywood industry.

The actor justified saying, “First of all, let’s call it Hindi Film Industry. It is a very small industry. Now, in this small industry, a lot of people need jobs. If someone is ever caught doing the wrong thing in some corner of the industry that doesn’t prove anything. Me and my friends or co-stars also belong to the same industry and I can tell 95% of them are very passionate, very sincere not only to the films they are part of but also to their family and near and dear ones. A few incidents here and there cannot prove that the whole industry is like that. In today’s date, if you go to Tees Hazari Court and ask about the divorce rate, you will realise where we have come today where relationships and marriages are breaking every day. Our society adapted the nuclear family trend and there are benefits of it too, but the harm that nuclear family trend caused you can see it in the courts today.”

He continued saying, “So, is the industry not part of society? People who belong to the same society are part of the industry. When people belong to the same society, then isn’t it obvious the change in society will also be visible in the industry. Previously, in the same industry, there were not as many divorces as there are today. The industry is very open minded, which is quite a good thing. Creative people will have to be open minded.”

On work front, the actor is shooting for the most awaited web series ‘The Family man’ season 3.

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