Is Hina Khan really suffering from cancer? There are speculations around Hina

Among the small-screen actresses, Hina Khan’s outfits are always discussed. Her number of followers on social media can rival that of any Bollywood actress. What Hina wears, how she cuts her hair, what jewelry she wears with which dress, which shoes she wears—all the details she sometimes informs her followers through Instagram. The actress is also spied on by her fans on social media. That raises doubts. Hina is sick. She is suffering from cancer.

Hospitalized actress. However, Hena has not yet commented on this matter. However, this speculation started with several posts by the actress. Hina recently wrote on Instagram, “There is no end to our story. No matter how hard the fight, the warrior will excel in her life. I left everything to God.

In this post by the actress, many wished her a speedy recovery. However, he did not comment on this speculation. However, a doctor’s post went viral a few days ago. There he wrote, “A famous netizen came to the hospital. She is suffering from thyroid cancer. I couldn’t even imagine in my dreams that this would happen to me. The entire situation mystifies Hina’s fans.

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