What is India’s first hybrid cricket surface?

Recently Dharamshala has become the first Indian venue to introduce hybrid pitches. Actually the artificial turfs were unveiled on Tuesday (May 7). In fact the project was undertaken by SISGrass, a UK-based company specialized in synthetic turf production. Actually the hybrid pitch combines natural turf with synthetic fibres to make it more durable, reducing the wear and tear across a full-fledged season. This is actually good that today cricket is becoming very modern sport and people find cricket very interesting.

Today cricket has become very successful sport which is watched all over the world. In fact for the success of cricket India has huge contribution as today Indian cricket team is considered as the best cricket team in the world. Actually people in India take cricket very seriously and they really want better games in future. In reality introduction of hybrid pitches is very good step and it will help the player to play and perform better in upcoming matches.

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